Ryobi blower vac

The Ryobi Blow Vac Petrol 25.4cc RBL-26BV is an ideal petrol leaf blower for heavy use, its’ professional (commercial grade) engine makes sure of that! backed by the Ryobi 2 year guarantee.

This engine gives an airflow speed of 200 miles per hour to make short work of those fallen leaves and its suction capacity of 10 cbm/min combined with a 12:1 mulching ratio and 40 litre collection bag means fewer trips to the compost heap.

Easy and quick to start thanks to the Ryobi Zip-start, it also has a throttle with control to set and maintain the speed you desire.

Get your Ryobi Blow Vac Petrol 25.4cc RBL-26BV with free delivery in England and Wales.

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