petrol leaf blower

A petrol leaf blower is ideal for larger gardens or projects where a long cable or no access

to electricity is available. Even so, it is still more convenient in a smaller garden, but

the higher cost of a petrol leaf blower may not be considered as cost effective. If you

don’t want the restrictions of a power cord even in a small garden then go for a petrol


Leaf blowers can also incorporate vacuums as well (garden blower vacs), which are generally

more expensive than the blower only variety, but of course have more versatility. It is

certainly quicker to just blow the leaves into hedge bottoms and leave them there to degrade

instead of taking them to the compost heap, however it is better in the long run to take

them to the compost heap. Shredded leaves are quicker to rot and will make an excellent

compost for the garden

There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing your model:-


The more throughput of air gets the job done quicker

The greater the vacuum gets the job done quicker

This feature means that you get more material into the bag which means less trips to the

compost heap and so gets the job done quicker

If you are going to be using your petrol leaf blower alot then a more expensive/industrial

model is the better choice. It will have better anti-vibration mountings which will make it

less tiring after longer periods of work. Also a larger gas tank so it can be worked longer

between refills compared to a model that is more designed for home use.

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